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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
2012Cross-ply laminates under static three-point bending : a numerical development modelBenbelaid, S.; Bezzazi, B.; Bezazi, A.
2012Dielectric behavior study of thermosetting matrices loadedIrekti, A.; Hami, B.; Aribi, Chouaib; Bezzazi, B.
2006Elaboration et caractérisation mécanique d’un matériau composite hybrideHachemane, B.; Mir, A.; Bezzazi, B.
2007Experimental analysis of behavior and damage of sandwich composite materials in three-point bending. part 1. static tests and stiffness degradation at failure studiesBezazi, A.; El Mahi, A.; Berthelot, J. M.; Bezzazi, B.
2009Experimental analysis of behavior and damage of sandwich composite materials in three-point bending. Part 2. Fatigue test results and damage mechanismsBezazi, A.; El Mahi, A.; Berthelot, J. M.; Bezzazi, B.
2013Experimental study for the choice of a matrix epoxy resin for the elaboration of laminatesAribi, C.; Bezzazi, B.; Mir, A.
2014Experimental study of sandwich multilayer reinforced by glass fibre and agglomerated corkHami, B.; Irekti, A.; Aribi, C.; Bezzazi, B.; Mir, A.
2013Fatigue behaviour of the laminates jute/epoxyMir, A.; Aribi, C.; Bezzazi, B.
2003Flexural fatigue behavior of cross-ply laminates.An experimental approachBezazi, A.; El-Mahi, A.; Berthelot, J. M.; Bezzazi, B.
2013Materials and sustainable development CIMDD 2013 Boumerdes, may06 th to 09 th , 2013Bezzazi, B.
2010Modeling damage of the hydrogen enhanced localized plasticity in stress corrosion crackingBenbelaid, S.; Belouchrani, M. A.; Assoul, Y.; Bezzazi, B.
2013Modelling damage of composite laminates with different stacking sequencesBenbelaid, S.; Bezzazi, B.; Bezazi, A.
2014Multilayer system of thermosetting polymers and specific confining : application to the walls of the hospital unitBouzid, Mohammed; Djadi, A.; Aribi, C.; Irekti, A.; Bezzazi, B.; Halouene, F.
2014Quasi-static mechanical characterization and fatigue of a composite laminatesBelkacemi, C.; Bezzazi, B.
2012Rheological behavior of the epoxy resin loaded with the pozzolanIrekti, A.; Hami, B.; Aribi, C.; Bezzazi, B.; Briki, I.
2013Rheological study of composite materials based on thermosetting matrix and fillers mineralIrekti, A.; Bezzazi, B.
2013Sandwich composites impact and indentation behaviour studyHachemane, B.; Zitoune, R.; Bezzazi, B.; Bouvet, C.
2012Static and dynamic behaviours of composite laminateZitoune, R.; Mir, A.; Hachemane, B.; Boyer, F.; Bouvet, C.; Collombet, F.; Bezzazi, B.
2012Study of mechanical and hygrothermal properties of agglomerated corkMir, A.; Bezzazi, B.; Zitoune, R.; Collombet, F.
2010Study of mechanical and thermomechanical properties of jute/epoxy composite laminateMir, A.; Zitoune, R.; Collombet, F.; Bezzazi, B.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 22
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