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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
2008Accurate testability analysis based-on multi-frequency test generation and a new testability metricAbderrahman, A.; Savaria, Yvon; Khouas, Abdelhakim; Sawan, Mohamad
2005Analysis of DC simulation convergence of nonlinear analog circuits with initial solutionMorneau, Michel; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2005A complete spurs distribution model for direct digital period synthesizersSalomon, Max-Elie; Khouas, Abdelhakim; Savaria, Yvon
2000Fault Simulation for Analog Circuits Under Parameter VariationsKhouas, Abdelhakim; Derieux, Anne
2001FDP: fault detection probability function for analog circuitsKhouas, Abdelhakim; Derieux, A.
2012FPGA design of a real-time obstacle detection system using stereovisionBendaoudi, Hamza; Khouas, Abdelhakim; Cherki, Brahim
2013FPGA implementation of the V-disparity based obstacles detection approachIrki, Zohir; Bendaoudi, Hamza; Devy, Michel; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2015Hardware design and FPGA implementation for road plane extraction based on V-disparity approachBenacer, I.; Hamissi, A.; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2006Investigation of single cell delay and delay mismatch in ring oscillator based test structureZhou, Bo; Amiri, Amir Mohammad; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2006Low Dead Time, Multi-hit FPGA-Based Time-to-Digital ConverterAmiri, Amir Mohammad; Boukadoum, Mounir; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2005Measurement of delay mismatch due to process variations by means of modified ring oscillatorsZhou, B.; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2005Modeling Efficient Inductive Power Transfer Required To Supply Implantable DevicesSehil, Mohamed; Sawan, Mohamad; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2009Multicoils-based inductive links dedicated to power up implantable medical devices: Modeling, design and experimental resultsSawan, Mohamad; Hashemi, Saeid; Sehil, Mohamed; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2009A Multihit Time-to-Digital Converter Architecture on FPGAAmiri, Amir Mohammad; Boukadoum, Mounir; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2008New Analog Test Metrics Based on Probabilistic and Deterministic Combination ApproachesAbderrahman, A.; Sawan, Mohamad; Savaria, Yvon; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2005Nouveau wrapper P1500 incorporant une structure bist pour le test des IP et des interconnexions d'un SoCLarab, Abdelaziz; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2015A novel stereovision algorithm for obstacles detection based on U-V-disparity approachBenacer, I.; Hamissi, A.; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2007On the Timing Uncertainty in Delay-Line-based Time Measurement Applications Targeting FPGAsAmiri, Amir Mohammad; Khouas, Abdelhakim; Boukadoum, Mounir
2015Over effective hard real-time hardware tasks scheduling and allocationGuettatfi, Zakarya; Kermia, Omar; Khouas, Abdelhakim
2003Pipelined sampled-delay focusing CMOS implementation for ultrasonic digital beamformingKassem, Abdallah; Wang, J.; Khouas, Abdelhakim; Boukadoum, Mounir
Showing results 1 to 20 of 28
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