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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
2016Characterization and studying of ZnO thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis : effect of annealing temperatureBelkhalfa, H.; Ayed, H.; Hafdallah, A.; Aida, M.S.; Tala-Ighil, Razika
2014Effect of acid nature in the starting solution on surface and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 thin filmsBensouici, F.; Souier, Tewfik; Iratni, A.; Dakhel, A.A.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Bououdina, M.
2015Effect of back contact material on CZTS solar cells simulated with AMPSTala-Ighil, Razika; Toubane, Mahdia; Bensouici, F.; Slimani, Amel; Haouanoh, Djedjiga; Iratni, A.; Sali, S.
2015The effect of calcination temperature and SiO2 addition on the optical and structural properties of sol gel TiO2 thin filmsArabi, N. H.; Iratni, A.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Capoen, B.; Bouazaoui, M.
2009Effet du recuit de la métallisation par sérigraphie sur les propriétés optiques des couches minces de ZnO déposées par sprayBelkhalfa, H.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Sali, S.; Kermadi, S.; Sili, S.; Boumaour, M.; Tayour, F.; Ait Amar, F.; Si Ahmed, Y.
2012Electrical and morphological study of screen printed silicon solar cells contactsTala-Ighil, Razika; Chelli, F.; Sali, S.; Oussalah, S.; Boumaour, M.; Tayour, F.; Si-Ahmed, Y.
2006High temperature annealing of sprayed SnO2 : F layers in a silicon solar cell process with screen-printed contactsTala-Ighil, Razika; Boumaour, M.; Belkaid, M.S.; Mallemi, A.; Melhani, K.; Iratni, A.
2011Livre sur les cellules solaires, SnO2 : F sur Silicium (N+/P) avec contact sérigraphiéTala-Ighil, Razika
2010Mesure statistique de la résistance de contact d’une grille sérigraphiée pour cellules solaires au silicium multicristallinBoumaour, M.; Chelli, F.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Sali, S.; Si-Ahmed, Y.; Oussalah, S.; Tayour, F.
2017Nanostructured oxide materials for photodegradation of dyesBensouici, F.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Bououdina, M.
2009Neutron characterization of thin layer SnO2/Glass by neutrons reflectometryKhelladi, M. F.; Izerrouken, M.; Kermadi, Salim; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Sali, S.; Boumaour, Messaoud
2017Optical, structural and photocatalysis properties of Cu-doped TiO2 thin filmsBensouici, F.; Bououdina, M.; Dakhel, A.A.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Tounane, M.; Iratni, A.; Souier, T.; Liu, S.; Cai, W.
2009Photoluminescence and structure of ZnO films deposited on i substrates by chemical spray depositionSali, S.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Kermadi, Salim; Kechouane, M.; Boumaour, Messaoud
2013Simulated multi-crystalline silicon solar cells with aluminum back surface fieldTala-Ighil, Razika
2017Sol concentration effect on ZnO nanofibers photocatalytic activity synthesized by sol–gel dip coating methodToubane, M.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Bensouici, F.; Bououdina, M.; Souier, M.; Liu, S.; Cai, W.; Iratni, A.
2015Sol-gel synthesis and optical characterization of TiO2 thin films for photovoltaic applicationArabi, Nour El Houda; Iratni, Aicha; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Capoen, Bruno; Bouazaoui, Mohamed
2009Sol-Gel synthesis of SiO2-TiO2 film as antireflection coating on silicon for photovoltaic applicationKermadi, Salim; Agoudjil, N.; Sali, S.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Boumaour, Messaoud
2016Structural, optical and photocatalytic properties of ZnO nanorods : effect of aging time and number of layersToubane, M.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Bensouici, F.
2015Structural, optical, properties of czts layers deposited by spray pyrolysis techniqueTala-Ighil, Razika; Haouanoh, Djedjiga; Toubane, Mahdia; Bensouici, Fayçal; Samantilleke, Anura Priyajith; Slimani, Amel
2015Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic behavior of Ag doped TiO2 thin filmBensouici, F.; Souier, T.; Dakhel, A.A.; Iratni, A.; Tala-Ighil, Razika; Bououdina, M.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 21
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