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Titre: 3D reconstruction method of the proximal femur and shape correction
Auteur(s): Akkoul, S.
Hafiane, A.
Leconge, R.
Harrar, K.
Mots-clés: 3D reconstruction
proximal femur
shape correction
Date de publication: 2014
Editeur: IEEE
Collection/Numéro: Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (IPTA), 2014 4th International Conference on;PP. 1-6
Résumé: The aim of this work is to present a 3D reconstruction method of the proximal femur shape using contours identification from pairs of 2D X-ray radiographs without any prior acknowledge. 3D personalized model was reconstructed following a processing chain of seven different steps. After localization of the 2D contours on the images and the matching points of these contours, a 3D contour is generated using an algorithm based on a mathematical model. Thus, with a reduced number of pairs of images, we reconstruct a 3D points cloud, which enables obtaining a closed 3D surface. The accuracy of our approach was evaluated by comparing the reconstruction result with the 3D CT-scan reconstruction of cadaveric proximal femur. The estimated error shows that it is possible to rebuild the proximal femur shape from a limited number of radiographs
URI/URL: http://dlibrary.univ-boumerdes.dz:8080/handle/123456789/2262
ISSN: 978-1-4799-6462-8
Collection(s) :Communications Internationales

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